Logic Pro X Logic Pro x is replacing origina audio files with some other audio files in the same session

Hi, Can anyone help me to figure out this problem. I have a session with a lot a audio tracks. When I am importing new audio files they are getting replaced by some other files which are different in length of the original files. So now whenever I am playing the tracks some audio files are already being replaced by other audio files. Please help to solve this problem.
Check your file names before you import. If the file names you are importing are the same as any pre-existing file names you could have the problem you are seeing. Before import, go to files> project management> Clean up files, select the appropriate check boxes and click ok. Then Save the project. Finally import the new files making sure not to duplicate any file names before hand. If you have a problem after the import, at least at this point you could close the project without saving and revert to the last saved version. Alternate would be to set up project alternatives.
Hi Del, thanks a lot for replying. I was stuck in the middle of a project. Then made a new session & imported all the required files everything went fine. You are right, that project contains a lot of Audio files, due to the naming process it happened. Thanks a lot again.