Logic Pro (X) Logic Pro X keyboard cover and extended keyboards???


I need advice on 2 subjects

I am not a heavy KB shortcuts user but, after spending years with logic,
I got into using tool box set ( with escape key before and now with T )
Start/Stop, basic navigation ( X for mixer, P for piano roll etc.. )

I want to get in to KB shortcuts for faster work flow.


1- Should I get the USB keyboard with numeric key pad?
Is that a big help?

2- Should I get a Logic Pro X keyboard skin when it comes out?
Does it help to use KB shortcuts more?
Hi Yavuz,

Those are good questions, here are some random thoughts:

• Personally, I am a big fan of the extended keyboards. But having said that, the new Logic X default key command set seems designed to steer users away from the extended keyboard mappings. Obviously this is because they generally ship the regular keyboards with new macs now. And laptops don't have the numeric keypad either. Of course key commands can still be learned by position and optimized for the extended keyboards.

•Â I'm personally not a huge fan of the keyboard skins. I find them confusing personally; but that's just my extremely subjective perspective. keep in mind that any keyboard skins you might get now, AFAIK, are not optimized for the default Logic X key commands. And they are fairly different from the defaults in previous versions.

•Â I usually suggest for new users (not you specifically) to start with the default key commands and re-assign on a one by one basis when the defaults don't suit you. This makes it easier when references to key commands are made in the manual, training videos or books, discussions with friends and colleagues, working on other people's systems, or discussion groups like this.

• Print up your key command list and tape them up in the bathroom. That way you get to look at them for a few minutes every day. (no joke, it's a good way to learn them!)

• You can't learn them all at once. A good rule of thumb is that when you find yourself reaching for the mouse for the same function several times in a session, go to your key commands window and learn (or assign) that specific command. Slowly you will build up a repertoire of your most frequently used key commands.
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Well, I have to say the skins have been indispensable in my learning the key commands in Logic Pro. Mind you, I have had to buy a new one every time Logic comes out, since they seem to change a bunch of the fundamental commands with each new version (AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!).

They are not too much money, and I find after a while I can either stop using them since I have learned the commands I use the most, or buy another if I use them to the point of too much use and wear out the rubber over time.

As for the keyboard, you really need an extend one with Logic. I have tried to work with a Apple Blue Tooth keyboard and ALWAYS return to the plugged in regular extended keyboard. It seems to be more workable.. FOR ME. Your experience might be different, but I sure love the bigger one.
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Although I'm personally not a big fan of the keyboard skins (I've tried them and find them a bit disorienting), I'm with George 100% on the usefulness of an extended keyboard with Logic. For the relatively small amount of extra money it costs, it gives you a lot more control at your fingertips.
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Just a thought.
The Logic X remote on my iPad has changed my reliance on Logic key commands - with over 50 assignable buttons to key commands in the App (and how many are you going to memorise?) its made Logic even easier to use - so much so that I wouldn't want to go back.
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I think the skins actually slow you down when learning the key commands. The old typing schools had keyboards with no letters on them. What does that tell you? I have a list of commands on the wall as reminder, and force myself to use and memorize them. Slows you down for a few days, but then it all becomes intuitive. Also important is learning to locate keys by touch (e.g. the command key) so you're not constantly looking down to locate the modified keys.

I use both a wireless and extended wired keyboard. The extended board is to the left, and I use it for the keypad. For everything else I use the wireless keyboard. I put a touch pad immediately to the right of the wireless keyboard, and a mouse to the right of that. That layout keeps the controls I use the most closer together, and makes it easier for me to use both hands at once.
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