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Logic Pro X Score Editor

Attached is a video which explains how filters work with folders, how to visibly show which internal display level logic is using and also why and how score sets are chosen when ascending the visual display hierarchy.

Future videos... or request what you would like to see and I will develop content as requested.

  • Part #1- How the various Content Link modes work
  • Part #2- How does the Up Folder / Up Hierarchy arrow work,
    what it does and why. Alternatives to the up arrow.
  • Part #3- What are Filters and Score sets. Whey are they different
    and how do they affect the score in a positive way.
  • Part #4- Score Sets - the details - what they do, what
    advantages hey have and how do you configure them
  • Part #5- Total Mastery: How all the above inter-relate to each other.
    Understanding one of concepts means you must
    understand the other concepts to effectively get the
    most out of your scoring, notation and composition
  • Part #6- Staff Styles - are they really important? Yes they really

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Did you know that when you use the text tool in the score page to create text, that the text is represented in the event list as a META event. Meta events can be used to do all sorts of things, you can assign every available parameter in Logic to a META event.