Logic Pro X "Logic Pro X - Secret Mouse Clicks" (new 90min 4k YouTube Video)

"Logic Pro X - Secret Mouse Clicks", the title of my new 90min video in my YouTube channel Music Tech Explained.

Everybody who is using a computer knows how to use a computer mouse for various click actions ... you might think. Logic has so many different click actions that it can be overwhelming even for a power user. In addition, there also are a lot of "hidden" click actions that I will reveal in this video
Please note that this video is for Logic users of all levels. As an advanced user, you will find new click actions to incorporate into your workflow, and for a beginner or intermediate users, this video includes so much important information that gives you a much better understanding on how Logic works and how to use it most efficiently.

PS: If you want to watch the video in full 4k resolution, you have to use the Chrome browser.



Some very interesting and useful stuff here. It explains in part some of the difficulty I've had in establishing a good and effortless editing workflow with Logic. I wonder if the developers will respond to your chart showing the six different ways key modifiers are applied to snapping?
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