"Logic Pro X - the Details", available as interactive iBook

"Logic Pro X - the Details" v10.1 is now available as interactive multi-touch iBook on Apple's iBooks Store


If you haven't experienced this unique style of learning yet, please download the free sample book of this Enhanced iBooks and see for yourself. It provides the best experience for an easy-visual-interactive way of learning Logic Pro X, plus crispy graphics on your iPad. You can also read them on the iBooks app on your computer.

"Logic Pro X - The Details" contains a graphically enhanced glossary with 600 terms that are linked throughout the content of the book (I will add even more terms in he following updates). Tap on a linked word in the book and a popup window displays the glossary entry with links to other sections of the book with the same term, or links to other related terms. Of course, you can make searchable notes, highlight sections, and even make flash cards with the click of a button.
The content of this iBooks is the same as the pdf or printed book version, but the additional glossary and the interactivity makes it the best reading/learning experience. Even beginners and intermediate Logic users can now dive into the more advanced features of Logic without getting lost in a typical text-based manual.

Please note that both of my Logic manuals ("Logic Pro X - How it Works" and "Logic Pro X - The Details") are still the only manuals based on the most recent version of Logic Pro X v10.1. All other books from other publishers are outdated at this moment, based on older versions, which is problematic due to the significant changes in the most recent Logic updates.

Thanks for your interest


Well done. I'm through the first book and just about ready for the "details". So much better than the Apple supplied documents. I especially like the "editorial comments", giving fair warning that something might not work as well as you want. Saves a lot of time and effort trying to resolve user errors that aren't.
Apple claims that the approval process of their iBooks is under 24h for 95% of their book submissions. This book took two weeks to get approved after going through Tier 2 of customer support. I'm wondering if I'm just unlucky and fall into the 5% or if my occasional criticism of the Logic app in my book gets my book submission into a "special slow lane";)