Logic Pro Logic Pro X - The very first Manual is available

I just released my new manual for Logic
"Logic Pro X - How it Works"



This is not only the first manual available for LPX, it is the most comprehensive one. On 359 letter size, full color pages, I explain the app in great detail with additional background information that is often required to fully understand specific features. Many of the information in my book regarding the functionality of Logic Pro X is found neither in the official documentation nor anywhere else.

If you have read any of my other books in my "Graphically Enhanced Manuals" series, then you are familiar with my uniques style of writing manuals. If not, then check out some of the screenshots of the book on my website and you will understand that this is not just a quick guide that promises you to teach Logic by clicking here and there. I spend a lot of time and effort in writing my graphically enhanced manuals by creating diagrams, graphics and models to explain and demonstrate even complex features and concepts in applications, especially in Logic. This way the beginner and the experienced user alike will learn how to master this amazing app with ease and and fun.

I hope you guys like it.
I just found out that Amazon put a 40% off sales sticker on my Logic book, maybe in the Thanksgiving spirit (thanks Amazon). I don't have any control over that and I haven't figured out when and how and for how long they apply theses sales. I admit the original printed book price is rather steep. This is a print-on demand service and Amazon sets a minimum price on the books based on pages, color and size. Based on the full color and letter size format of the book with 359 pages, the price ended up pretty high, so the 40% puts the sticker price more in the range I'd like it to be.

The "Look Inside" feature on Amazon should be up any time. Usually it takes about two weeks after the release. Then you can browse through the book and see for yourself if it is worth the money. (Please, if you are interested, click on the Amazon link from my website, earns me a couple cents to finance my "one-man publishing endeavor")

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The Amazon website has activated the "Look Inside" feature on my book. Now you can browse through the book to find out how much information is packed in that manual and learn more about my unique style of Graphically Enhanced Manuals (if you are not familiar with yet).
Amazon still has a 37% discount on the printed book as of today.

Click on the Amazon button on my website http://DingDingMusic.com/DingDing/LPX1.html

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Finally, my Logic book "Logic Pro X - How it Works" is now available on Apple's iBookstore. Please click on the iBooks link on my website

Please note, this is an interactive Multi-Touch eBook (not a text-based Kindle style ePub format). It can be viewed with the iBooks app on the iPad and now also with the new iBooks app on your Mac (running OSX 10.9).
The approval process with Apple took a little longer and I used the time to correct more typos and some minor errors. This new update should be posted hopefully soon and will update through the iBookstore Notification system.
The new version will also include the more complete (graphically enhanced) Glossary with 400 words hyperlinked throughout the book. You can even learn Logic non-linear, going through the Glossary.

Thanks for your interest and don't forget to rate the book

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For those of us who purchased the original pdf version, aside from "adding" it to iBooks in 10.9 (which works), will there be an option to obtain the "interactive Multi-Touch eBook" version at little or no extra cost? Future option to buy a format bundle per book except for (or including) the printed version?

I'm not up to speed with iBooks yet but have used the Kindle app on my MBP.
PDF is backwards and cross platform compatible which is a plus for reading wherever I am.

Since the iBook version will be more..."interactive", it sounds like the iBook version may be the way to go when your advanced Logic book comes out.

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For those of us who purchased the original pdf version, aside from "adding" it to iBooks in 10.9 (which works), will there be an option to obtain the "interactive Multi-Touch eBook" version at little or no extra cost? Future option to buy a format bundle per book except for (or including) the printed version?


Unfortunately, I have only control over the pdf sales from my website where i can bundle various titles. THe iBookstore and the Amazon store are separate entities and the author or publisher has no access to their customer data. I don't know who the customer is and cannot market to them. Cross-platform bundles or upgrades is therefor also not possible.

Once I have a book ready, I release it right away as a pdf file on my website. For the printed book,the turnaround from the time I send the book content (these are also pdf files) to Amazon's sister company CreateSpace to the time the book shows up on Amazon is down from three weeks to now almost 24-48 hours. That's why I can release the pdf and printed book at the same time.

The books on Apple's iBookstore is a completely different story. I write all my books in Pages (the original version, not the new toy-version) and copy paste the content into iBooks Author. That's where the extra work starts. Although I developed a workflow to speed up the text formatting, each graphics (and there are a lot) have to be manually adjusted. That takes an awful lot of time. After that I add the Glossary (not part of the pdf file) and link the terms throughout the books. For this extra work and extra value, I charge a little bit more for the eBooks.

Please note that the iBookstore offers to types of books. The standard ePub format that is similar to the Kindle. This is mainly for text-based books. However, watch out for the logo "Made for iBooks". This is a completely different world. If you haven't done yet download some of the free books on the iBookstore that have the logo "Made for iBooks" to get an idea of the potential of that format. All my eBooks on the iBookstore are in this interactive Multi-Touch "Made for iBook" format. You can download free Samples of my books on the iBookstore to play around with.

Apple treats these iBooks more like apps. I can update the books with version numbers and you can see the version history with change notes on the iBookstore. This was always my concept and the strength of self-publishing that I keep my books up-to-date. With big publishers you have to wait until a second edition is printed, until then the book about a software app is outdated at the moment the app gets its first update. I update my books constantly. Even the printed books are print-on-demand. Once I uploaded a new file to Amazon, any order the next day will be printed that day from the current version. A big publisher has to sell its first run of those thousands of printed books first.

Back to your question.
Due to the extra formatting time and the additional approval process by Apple which could add another week or two, there will always be a delay from the time the pdf version and the eBook version of my book is available.
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Thank you for your informative answer. I'll explore the iBook samples to see what's special about them.

In the meantime, the How It Works book is shedding light on all kinds of useful bits about Logic I must have glossed over or forgotten.

Looking forward to the Details book.


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I was having some issues saving the pdf to my desk top. Use of the Safari File menu items (Print, Save as) were not working.

However, the floating control panel Save and Print buttons worked.

All set.

Thank you for the update.
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I just updated my Manual "Logic Pro X - How it Works" to reflect the changes of the latest Logic release 10.0.5 that came out last week (plus a lot of typos and smaller errors)
Current customers who bought the pdf version should have received already an email with the free update.

Here is a list of new features that I now explain in the manual:
  • New Drummers
  • New EQ button in Smart Controls
  • New Link Mode in Piano Roll (One Track, Selected Regions)
  • New "Simple Mode" for Metronome
  • New "Loop Family" and GUI changes in Apple Loops
  • New "My Info" tab in Preferences
  • New iTunes Playlist field in Share window
  • New "Musical Typing" routing
  • New download into "GarageBand Mode" behavior

eBook verson (iBookstore)
The update for this Logic book on the iBookstore is delayed because Apple won't accept any new uploads until Dec28 due to maintenance. As with any eBook updates, customers will see a Notification in their iBooks app to download the new version for free when it's available.

Printed book version (Amazon)
All my books on Amazon are made available through the Print-on-Demand service by their sister company CreateSpace. One advantage of that concept is that any books are also up-to-date at any time. Once I have a new pdf file ready, it will be available as a printed book within 24 hours. There are no warehouses with old, previously printed, books that have to be sold first. My Logic book on Amazon is the current one based on the brand new Logic v10.0.5
BTW, as of today the book is still on sale with 47% off the regular price.
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Edgar, as far as I can see, the score edit part is not one of the main focuses of your book.
Do you have plans to expand this chapter, and is the maybe a German version in the future?
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Notation, as long with Automation, Flex, Environemnt, etc are part of my second Logic book. "Logic Pro X - The Details" due out in the Sring 2014.

I'm negotiating with a writer to do the German translation. It is a lot of work so I don't know if and when it will be out.
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I'm negotiating with a writer to do the German translation. It is a lot of work so I don't know if and when it will be out.
I think for a foreign Logic, it's difficult to match the english with the foreign menu items etc.
So maybe it's enough to have the translated items in brackets?

What do the other users mean, with a non english version of Logic?
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Does the iBook version contain any audio or video examples?

I second this question. Does it and will the advanced version have them as well?

I answered that question already - No.

May I will include that in the future when I have the basic book(s) done and add more content/value to it. I'm experimenting with that to make it possible not only for iBooks bu also the pdf and printed book too.

My books are either electonic or print-on-demand so I can update them anytime (what I just did with the 10.0.5 version) without waiting to sell all the printed books first sitting at a warehouse.
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Edgar, Many thanks for the book, and the latest update through the iBookstore. A very attractive layout and a good read. Definitely the way to go with this type of book.
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