Logic Pro X Logic ProX and MCU problem


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I have just purchased a Mackie MCU, with the latest firmware.

My problem is that in the Logic ProX control surface Setup page the midi input for the selected MCU shows the message "illegal input"
I have no problem setting the midi output to the required midi output and everything done on the iMac is duplicated on the MCU but I cannot send any control data back to Logic from the MCU. In other words Logic is transmitting midi TO the MCU but not receiving midi FROM the MCU.

I am running the MCU as a Logic controllernot a HUI device.

I have tried a couple of midi interfaces and different ports but the result is always the same, the midi input on the control surface set up page shows "illegal input".

Has anyone encountered this problem previously and if so what was the fix.


it’s a long shot but maybe the input port is turned off in the “Show MIDI ports preferences page?


How are you connecting the MCU to the Mac? USB? MIDI ports? Which MIDI ports? Directly connected to Mac (via USB, or MIDI interface connected directly to Mac)? etc. etc.