Logic Recording studio in LA

I'm a producer/engineer/musician based in the LA area (Woodland Hills). I run Logic 9, PT 7.4.2 and DP 6.02 along with the Apogee Symphony system. The studio is a 4 room facility with a large control room and tracking room with 2 other iso rooms. There is a separate machine room so the control room is whisper quiet. The studio is located on a private lot and is in a beautiful location. You can see the website at: www.dbwproductions.com.

Also, I can play many instruments but guitar is my forte. I play electric (les paul, strats, tele, les paul jr, slide gtr), acoustic (taylors, nylon string, 12 string, dobro and mandolin) and 5 string bass (music man). My last CD with native american flutest Golana won for best instrumental at this year's NAMMY awards and featured much of my guitar work. For electric tracks I can give you the amped version and a DI version so you can reamp it if you'd like. I use Marshall, VHT, Fender and Peavey amps and have all the guitar sims (at least most of them!).

I'm also a fantastic vocalist and specialize in pop, pop country, soulful stuff. I can also just add harmony vocals to your song if that's all you want.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
email: dbw (at) dbwproductions.com


Absolutely beautiful room. I like the carpet design with the wood floors- probably sounds amazing at the mix station. Too bad I'm in NY or I'd drop by : )
Thanks Eddie,
You (or anyone else) is welcome to swing by and visit. The picture isn't quite up to date as I've since ditched the Mackie speakers and am using Adam P22s. I'm also using these really heavy duty speaker stands by sound anchors so that I'm getting a better picture of the mix. But, I'm also relying on my old KRKs (off screen), a boom box, auratones, and some radio shack speakers in my live room! Most importantly I have proper bass trapping and other acoustic treatment. That's really the key.
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Hi, my name is Cliff. I have recorded a group of songs on Logic that my band wants to master and press. First, I would like to get some help from a Logic "guru" on final mix. I am really fairly new to recording.

I am hoping to find someone in San Diego to help me with this, as Woodland Hills is a damn long drive :) Any suggestions? Do you ever make it down this way? Know any pals using Logic down here who can help me?

Cliff Keller


Hey Daveyboy,

Very nice looking facility (and web site) you have there! You seem to be well regarded by your clients and friends - which says way more about a studio than the gear in the pictures! And it's always nice to put some faces to the names we all see here everyday.
How is it that after all these years in L.A. I do not know you? I will come check out your studio one day.
Anytime! Well, assuming I'm not working of course ;) I'm running Logic 9 along with the Apogee symphony system.

Eli, Looking forward to the new Logic vids.