Logic Score scrolling as you play

yay - alastair! :) I like what you're doing too... I must have a go myself.

It's uncanny, but listening to JC and watching the sore unfold tweaks my brain in a unique way - I suppose its a form of synesthesia, but I often 'see' what I play and wham! there it is on my monitor. Especially tickled when JC holds a note and the score stops for what seems like ages - then off we go again at a madcap pace :)

There's something powerful to learn here



Giant Steps - very cool!!! Thanks for posting the link Peter. And Alistair - very nice piano compositions.....
Yes Pete! Lovely tutorial - simple language, simple instructions, simply illustrated.
I learnt quite a lot just watching it! :)

Have you or Alistair tried ScreenFlow for video capture?
My 14-yr-old son seems to be ahead of me in this domain :)
Also I think that Snow Leopard will include a new version of Quicktime which will do screen capture. Heard anything about this?