Logic Pro 9 Logic Sends Program Changes against my will!

Logic ruins my synthesizer edits while I'm working. I can't move the transport without Logic ruining the last 10 minutes of work I've done.

I do not want Logic to send any program change I have not manually entered myself. EVER. I want to change this globally, for every file I create, forever. How should I go about this?

Alien André

I do not want Logic to send any program change I have not manually entered myself.

Nobody does, and I'm not aware that Logic would do this. I have heard of this issue, but it generally boils down to the use of imported MIDI.

However to get some good answers, it would be best if you gave more deatils about your system and the project etc.

Do you see these mysterious program changes in the event list?
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How should I go about this?
1.Go to the Project Settings (Midi Chase) and disable the Program Change (PC) chasing.
2. Or, you can totally stop/filter the PC messages via the Environment.
• Go to the environment layer which contains the Multi Instrument (assigned to your external synth).
• Select that Multi and set its port to "No Port".
• Create a new Standard Instrument object in the Environment and set its port to your synth. Set the Standard Instrument midi channel to "All".
• Create a new Transformer object in the Environment and set its Mode to "Filter matching Events" and choose "Program" as Status.
• Cable the objects like this: The original Multi -> Transformer->Standard Instrument.

Doing that your original Multi will send midi data to the transformer where the "Program Change" messages will be filtered. After that, all data will be sent to the Standard Instrument which behaves as "to hardware" Midi Out etc.
Bear in mind that you will not be able to send any PC to your synth this way! If you need that sometimes you have to patch a Cable Switcher as a Button and make a small float palette with that button (as screenshot for example), so you can tweak the button switcher when need etc.
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Thanks for the question. I'm using a white MacBook with FW 400. The MIDI interface is Unitor8mkll. I've got samplers and synths attached to it (moog source, prophet 5, juno-106, eps16+, emax, etc.) No program changes show up in the event list. I even clicked to filter program changes.

I start by adding an external MIDI track. The library opens up and I choose the MIDI port on my Unitor8 mkll and the MIDI channel of the device attached to that port. The track gets a default program change that I haven't been able to locate.

If I hit return to go to the beginning of the timeline, the default program change is sent. If I select a MIDI track for any reason, the record button is lit and the program change is sent. If I click the track out of record, the program change is sent.

I understand that Logic will send note off commands and sometimes even MIDI volume resets with transport stops, and I think this can be a good thing. But not with program changes. I need a global setting that will turn this off, and the knowledge of where the heck it is. I'm sick of losing my awesome synth patches in the edit buffer. Sometimes I don't want to save the patch, I just want to keep it in the buffer until the audio is tracked.

-Alien André
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Thank you, Tangra! Now Logic Doesn't seem to be sending the Program Change when I return to the beginning of the timeline, which is great. But it still sends the program change when I click the track out of record. Or into record. This is no good, as I want to progressively edit my synth patch while recording MIDI without having the buffer dumped every time I arm or disarm a track. But once I do have the sound I want, I sometimes save it on the synth and want to send a program change message that I choose myself. So, method 2 is not something I'm interested in doing. Any idea why the record arm button is sending MIDI?

-Alien André
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Any idea why the record arm button is sending MIDI?
It seems that there are some midi regions in the project which still send some hidden PC. Have a look at another Logic forum LINK where my nick was Scandor. I show a special Tip using the Transform Window to batch delete unwished PC in one go or to back up them using "clutch" dummy messages etc.
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