Logic Serialization Issue

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Mainstage and Logic will randomly continue to ask for registration and/or my serial number even though I have already entered that information. After contacting Apple support and spending hours that spanned across multiple days they realized this is a bug. Here is the current reply from tech support:

Hello Todd, I'm afraid you will not be notified
directly if/when the serialization issue is resolved.

Regarding troubleshooting your system, you could
keep the Activity Monitor up and running when you
are using MainStage, set to show All Processes,
and see if you notice any spike in CPU usage of
one of the process that corresponds with when a
spike occurs in MainStage.


David Paulson
Apple Inc.

So according to apple they MAY fix this bug. "IF" it gets fixed. I spent top dollar for the latest macbook pro i7, and I purchased my own copy of Logic pro. I find this heartless reply to me, the customer very saddening. Randomly Mainstage and Logic will continually ask for me to enter my serial number and maybe one day there will be a fix or it could be an indefinite issue? ....and that's it case closed?

I am one very very unhappy apple customer and this needs to be shared. If you are planning on purchasing a top of the line macbook pro to use Logic/Mainstage problem free then you could end up in a situation for extreme frustration with a large dose of buyer's remorse:(
Not open for further replies.