Logic Pro 8 Logic skin for RME Totalmix users...


Ah... now that is good!!!
I changed my Totalmix skin a while back, but I was too lazy to have a go my self... That looks great!

Only problem is that your's is for the Windows platform... On our Macs, we need a .rsrc file ... and I'm not sure how it's done.

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Great, the best skin I've seen so far. Solo/mute, pan and the scales are very good. I just find that the faders are a bit hard to see. Their thin blue line blends a little too good with the surface. Maybe thicker and almost white?

Terry Gorle

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

I've changed the fader knob to a more common style. There was really no way of matching Logic's GUI in that regard.

It appears that the file format conversion needs to happen within a Mac. You guys can view bmp files, but there is no way I've found for .rsrc files to be viewed, converted, or created from .bmp's on PC.

Terry Gorle

Hi Terry,

Won't some nice person at RME port it for Mac if you put it up on this thread?

I presume that's what happened for your excellent Nu skin..

available amongst others from:

Good work.

All the best,

Hi Paul,

I posted this screenshot and link in the RME Forum Totalmix Skin thread a day or so before my registration here was completed. Others in this thread (mattrixx) have subsequently made the request there as well...
RME is hesitant to use anything with another company logo on it in any official capacity, so I had to keep the Nu-skin kind of generic for them to post it. I've since made many more accurate versions for several DAW apps. They allow me to post them in the forum, but they haven't transferred any to their official RME site.

Here's the RME Forum Totalmix GUI thread:

Most of my designs are contained on page 7, including this Logic design.
On page 8 of that Totalmix GUI thread, I finally made a Totalmix skin that matches all of RME's Digicheck functions and posted it a few days ago... really surprised RME didn't do that a long time ago with Totalmix (maybe they'll start using mine in the next driver update? :) )

Anyway, hopefully someone with graphic conversion knowledge between PC and Mac will take care of the Logic Userbase soon.

Jay Asher

I still don't get how we get the skin to be the one displayed.

I opened th package contents and dragged in Fireface Mixer.rsrc and dragged out HDSPe Mixer.rsrc. No luck. I then dragged out mixer.rerc. Still no luck getting it to show up.

Terry Gorle

I still don't get how we get the skin to be the one displayed.

I opened th package contents and dragged in Fireface Mixer.rsrc and dragged out HDSPe Mixer.rsrc. No luck. I then dragged out mixer.rerc. Still no luck getting it to show up.

According to RME...

Installation MacOS X:

• download resource file

• quit totalmix in the dock

• "show package contents" of fireface.app (right click)

• replace contents/resources/fireface mixer.rsrc with the downloaded file,
extracted from the zip

• restart totalmix

Jay Asher

That is what I did but it did not seem to work. I have the HDSP-e AIO, not the Fireface, so maybe the mixer is different.

Terry Gorle

Evidently there's a bug with the solo button alignment in the original free Logic 8 version that RME converted for OSX and posted on their website.
It only affects the Mac version, and I didn't do the conversion, so... ???

I've now provided a link to a program called Theme Park 3.1 that is recommended for Mac users to convert my bitmap files into the .rsrc format required. It's a 5.2MG download, and it's on the top section of my Custom Skins page (signature link)
My latest designs have improvements (else there would have been no reason in making them), but I cannot keep doing everything for free. There is now a $2.95 fee so I can attempt recouping 100 hours of my work and server expenses over the past 6 months. And YES, you can keep downloading the free version from RME's site if you don't care about newer versions and don't have $3, and maybe they'll fix the solo bug...

IF this becomes even close to a break-even project, I will continue making new versions to accommodate DAW design changes and expanding the available roster of skins just because the people who say THANKS offset the tightwads.

I really can't make it any easier on my end, you'll need to do the Mac stuff with a Mac for the time being.

I really appreciate the Logic users who have stepped up.
Let me know if the Theme Park conversion works properly.

Cheers. ;)

Terry Gorle


My new Logic 8 skin will be available in .rsrc format immediately.

RME's conversion posted at their site is corrupted, and it is being removed.

For everyone attempting to use ThemePark until then, you must open the files in "Preview", then copy and paste from there. If you import directly into ThemePark, the dpi and scaling will be corrupted and you'll have problems.

The .rsrc must be named "HDSPe Mixer.rsrc" for HDSPe cards, "Fireface Mixer.rsrc" for Fireface's, etc...



Terry Gorle

New Logic 8 skin in Mac OSX is up and ready.
Tested, no pixel shifting (as existed in the previous RME website version).

Two files are contained in the ZIP for ease of installation:
Fireface.rsrc & HDSPe.rsrc

Thank you for your patience.

Kudos to Brian Daugherty for his efforts in creating Mac versions for every skin.

I've also completed my first hardware visual emulation, an SSL Matrix console...