Logic Pro X Logic slow to load


What computer are you using? Hard disk or SSD? etc. if you have a hard disk you will grow old waiting for anything to load
Yep! I’m already old and getting older ! But relatively it’s slower than it was - a lot. It seems to witter on “Logic not responding” until something “clicks”.
iMac - hard disc- OS 10.11.3
Logic 10.2.4
Thanks for your response!
Upping my macbook pro to 16 ram sped things up a lot. Storing and running my logic projects on an ext drive sped things up some more.


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Logic Pro X is pretty slow to load (currently 10.4.2)
That's compared to Pro Tools 2018, Ableton 9 or Reaper5.95.
Reaper is the speed champ (like twice as quick) and Logic is a distant last.
Those are all on my 2012 5,1 6 3.3GHz with 48g ram.