Logic Pro X Logic Snowballing Memory bug

I am encountering the strangest bug. It seems to occur when I click on a track - that's it. It is happening so often that I just cannot work!

I click somewhere usually and then Logic freezes, I look at the Real Mem in Activity Monitor and it is growing and growing until Logic crashes at around 20 GB. I have initialized preferences, repaired disk permissions, I'm now running from a clone, but it just occurred in that!

I cannot think what could be causing this. I would appreciate any help.




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I think I've fixed this - It seems it was caused by kontakt memory server being on. Although I have never turned it off.

Well done in finding out what the problem was, and thanks for posting the solution. I hope you don't mind me saying this, but if you had mentioned using Kontakt in your original post, perhaps somebody else might have suggested to check the memory server. Not providing any system details when asking a question makes it next to impossible to know how to help. Next time, feel free to have a look at the list of suggested details included in the forum rules here:


thanks and regards

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Hey there Mark,
I don't mind at all! Thanks very much. I will certainly include as much information next time especially about third party applications and plugins.

I will look at those suggested details!
Much appreciated!
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