Logic Pro 8 Logic Studio 8 and 9 manuals


I got Logic Studio 8 just installed and will be upgrading to Logic Studio 9 in two or three weeks time.
I have not read any of the LS8 manuals yet as I am yet to use my LS8.
I would like to start today but should I wait till I upgrade to LS9?
Do I have to read the LS8 manuals to use LS9 upgrade version or will there be a full Logic Studio 9 manuals as in my LS8 manuals the full works, included with the LS9 upgrade.
Will starting to use LS8 and by readings its...LS8's Getting Started, LS8's User Manual etc, confuse me when I have upgraded to LS9 as I am just starting?
Do I have to master LS8 and all its manual documents first and only than upgrade to LS9 and start reading LS9 manual documents?
Any advice from all you much experienced LS users will help me very much please.
Thank You in advance:)
Reading the manuals is always praiseworthy, so I would say, get started into the L8 documentation. L9 contains a lot of enhancements over L8, as well as some significant new functions/features such as flextime and the new guitar amps, but these are extras - from a learning and workflow point of view you will be able to build on the knowledge you gain from L8, there won't be any major areas that you will have to "unlearn" when upgrading.

kind regards

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Well, I would just go for the Logic 9 manual, which can be downloaded off the Apple web site.

Logic 8 was a so so version of Logic in my humble opinion. I know a number of Pro clients of mine dumped Logic for Protools 8 now, and didn't even open 8. Logic Pro 9 has many changes, so why start reading about an older version of software when the new manual is available?

That would be my 2 cents...

George Leger III
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thank you. george but I am confused now
Maybe I will start reading LS8 till I upgrade to LS9.
Is Pro Tools 8 better than Logic Pro 9?
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Logic is the best music creating app out there I think, the people who wanted to jump to Protools are primarily recording people who don't need or want the kind of power and tools that Logic offers, and they want to have a better ability to exchange files with other studio's, where Protools is the #1 app.

Protools is like an old tape deck way of thinking, where Logic is more of a data "word processor" with allot of tools included. At least that would be my simplistic way of looking at it...

I use both, as well as Cubase, and Digital Performer, Reason/Record, and Adobe Audition. I do allot of testing and teaching, so I require having some kind of idea how each of these different applications work.

Me, I prefer Logic over any other DAW. While it has a few strange things about itself, it is the easiest, most creative platform to create music THE WAY I DO than any other app out there.

And Logic 9 is the best version of Logic I have used, it has the best tools, is efficient (unlike Protools LE, where Digidesign is always making a bit creaky so people are motivated to upgrade to the full PTHD system), and does most anything I could want a DAW to do.

Good luck,

George Leger III
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