Logic Studio 9 PDF manual

I really wish there was a PDF manual for Logic Pro 9 or the whole Logic Studio 9 package. The help file manual is very slow, and hard to actually gather the correct information from.

Apple, if you're not going to give us a printed manual, please give us one WE can print out on your own...

George Leger III


Yes the searchable .pdf of LP8 was way better.
You can express yourself here if want to let know Apple about your pov.
I suggest everyone to fill this.


Admins - I hope you don't mind me cross-posting this; but I think it is relevant:

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Hi All,

Okay I have REALLY GREAT TIP here for everyone, which makes the html manual _ALMOST_ as good as a pdf version.

Type the following script into the Terminal utility:

open "/Applications/Logic Pro.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/logicpro_help/index.html"

This will open the Logic Pro Help document embedded in the Logic application, in Safari. Now from under the Safari file menu choose "save as" and save it somewhere. It is saved as a small archive document. You can now double click this to open the Logic pro Help file contents.

And here's the best part. IT IS REALLY FAST! One thing that has bugged me about the help file is how slow it is getting to the sub contents on each page. This archive file is ten times faster. I love it! This is how I will be using Logic's help from now on. And of course, being opened in Safari, it can be resized, and hidden, etc. It's great! And it's fast!


I saw that tip on another logic site. Don't know I forgot to post it here as well.
Even though it's not as good as a .pdf, at least it is faster than the original manual.


Great! A keeper in the meantime!
I still maintain that Apple should do their job and produce one with index and every things like the v.8
YES! This makes me very happy. With the combo of the new intro to Logic manuals and this one, I think people finally have a good way to get into Logic. The intro is actually one of the best documents I've seen put out by Apple yet. It would be very nice if they did a full manual like the intro one for advanced users...

Thanks for the heads up!

George Leger III