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Markdvc said:
tarahall said:
Apologies if I've posted this to the wrong place on this forum. I've got LE-8 which is fantastic for my purposes but I would like to have Space Designer & the Adaptive limiter. Is it possible to get these plug-ins for LE-8 ?

HI Gavan

No worries, in fact the place to post this would be the Logic 8 forum.

In short - no, you cannot purchase these or any other components of Logic studio seperately. In order to use them, you would need to upgrade to Logic studio, the current version of which includes Logic Pro 9.

Space Designer was a very expensive Plugin when it was initially released and sold seperately back in Logic 6 days - AFAIR it was around 500 USD. Bearing this in mind, perhaps the Logic Studio Package might seem good value, containing all it does?

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Will Logic Studio 9 Upgrade version upgrade my LE-8