Logic Pro 8 Logic studio issue

Hey fellows, i got myself logic studio and read on the box and everything that it's already contains full version of Logic Pro 8 but i cant see thats true while i am installing the DVD's it wont let me continue because it wants me to enter
Serial code which i find on the booklet (it say's its serial code of upgrade) and after i have entered it it ask's me for another code (original serial code) which i cant find anywhere....
so how to get pass it or do i need somekind of older original version of logic pro

So did you buy an upgrade or a full studio version? It should say so somewhere on the box/packaging. If so,

Did you already have a previous version of Logic installed? I think Logic Studio upgrades will update back to at least version 6. If so, you need to find your original serial no. or XS key perhaps for that.

If not, and you bought an upgrade version, you bought the wrong version and should have bought the full version for $499 or so. I know the upgrades say that they contain the full version, but it's the full version to update a previous install.

Yeah, i found something on the box...
it says Upgrade from Logic Express or Big Box.
Nope i dont have any previous versions of logic pro/express
but if i get one will i be able to use the upgrade?
Yeah, you could look around for someone selling an older version, (versions 6 & 7) required the hardware protection USB dongle called the XS Key. Or you could maybe contact Apple or your dealer and try to see what you could do to pay the extra $300 for the full version.

Good luck!