Logic Studio apps Logic to Mainstage patches

for a specific concert I just couldn't find a "ready-made" sound in the Logic media centre so I chose the nearest sounding thing and tweaked it .
I was able to save this as a .pst file on a memory stick with the idea of importing it into M.S. ( which is on a Macbook - Logic on the Imac )
The macbook is unhappy about me trying to copy the file to the Bib/App support/Logic Channel strip/Instrument Performance folder, and I can't see any importing feature in M.S. for sounds.

Anyone any ideas ?

I guess I can go back into Logic and visually copy the tweaks into M.S but something less time consuming and elegant would be appreciated, especially for future use.
Some questions for you:

What's Bib (first item in your file path)?
Why did you save it as a performance (.pst) instead of a .cst? The .cst should work fine - just put it a layer above the performance folder. By the way, my file path reads a little differently than your designation: User/App support/Logic Channel strip/Instrument/Performance folder (performance folder is inside Instrument folder).

The fact that you did save it as a performance channel strip and put in that folder should make it show up in MS inside the Performance folder found in the Software Channel Strip Inspector, channel strip library tab.

Oh - Are OS versions and Logic/MainStage versions the same? Not sure it would make a difference, just wondering.
for Doug

the Bib in my post is shorthand for biblioteque - some translation needed as I'm on an Imac set up in French - I guess for you - Library (?)
I saved it as .pst instead of .cst as it was my first attempt to save a tweaked sound and that's what Logic came up with due to my frantic searching :)
I still have this problem - it has been saved Ok on the Imac where Logic lives, but the Macbook which I use for Mainstage ( concerts means portability ) refuses to let me copy it anywhere within the logic contents within the library folder - "you haven't the right - supply admin password "- which I do, but it still doesn't get written. Could it be I only have permission for the "performance" folder?
Imac is now on 10.6.2
Macbook 10.5.8
Current Logic version 8 (something)
Current Mainstage 1 ( something )



Oui, biblioteque is the same as library. (And I left that out of my file path - it should be user/library/Application support, etc).

You probably don't need to use .pst file - a .cst might even be preferred. Shouldn't be that hard to save it - use "Save Channel Strip Setting as", not "Save as Performance" (Logic 9 lingo - not sure what L8 says - also no idea what French version says). Make sure you put in the right folder.

I'm using L9 and MS 2, so I can't directly compare.

Also, not sure if different OS creates problem. Not sure about permissions issue as well. You might look at the file in the iMac and set permissions for read AND write for everyone and se if that make a difference.