Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic VS


This is the Roland equivalent, SE for the 880ex and 890 stereo 24bit digital studios. It is a monster with more function that don't work, than those that do work. It is also system specific, and doesn't work unless it's connected to a VS studio via midi. I am no hack, and this prgm has need for a user forum!:confused: We need it anyway! I'm new here, just getting my midi up, I have plans for a media studio,(already have a server) and I write, compose, arrange, and even play a little. My equip?
old but good?
SD-1, Alesis D4 drum mod- and midiverbII, BSR spectrum analyzer, AR-200 16bit linear SD recorder, Sound canvas, Midi patchbay amt8, 7.1 thx creative audigy zs2, cameras, mics?

great forum! tkx for byn thr

I am adding a legacy version emagic Logic recording software and AMT midi interface to my problem devices! You are welcome to join this thread if you are a windows user of the Logic OS, or you have insite to the windows use of the primarily MAC based platform.:tongue: We need that too!
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