Logic Pro 9 Logic won't control external midi devices


Here's the setup in AMS:
PCR800 keyboard/controller connected via usb to mac mini. Set to use internal MIDI interface in the keyboard. ( I've tried both settings)
DSI Tetr4 connected to Mac Mini via USB. (Logic can send Midi from keyboard to this)
Eridol UM880 connected to Mac Mini via usb. Appears in AMS and can have devices connected. Appears to work, but...
Yamaha FS1R connected to midi port 4 I/O of UM880.
DSI Evolver connected to midi port 3 I/O of UM880.

I am able to create midi instruments for all of the connected midi devices. I have double checked the midi channels to insure they are correct.

All devices have their audio outs going through an external mixer to speakers and I can hear them when triggered by on device buttons.

The Tetr4 can receive midi and it does sound through speakers.

Neither of the other units respond to midi generated from the keyboard, but the midi indicator in logic shows they are receiving midi input, They just don't sound.

In summary, devices connected through USB (class compliant) seem to work. Regular midi devices connected through the UM880 do not respond.

The FS1R will respond to midi input throughout the um880 when I put the keyboard midi I/O directly through the UM880 and manually select the FS1R.

Mac mini 2.66Ghz 750 GB HD 8GB Ram is running Snow Leopard 6.8. Logic version 9.1.4.

I am at wit's end about what to do to make the MIDI devices work in logic.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the reply. if you read the original post:). AMS = Audio Midi setup.
So short answer is yes. everything shows up in Audio midi setup. and i can assign midi instruments in logic 9. Logic 9 just doesn't pass the incoming midi notes to the devices in question.
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Oooops - AMS.
(Acronym fatigue)

Sorry - can't help directly with that specific hardware as I don't know it.

Some really basic thoughts though: Have you set the devices up as Multi-Instruments in Logic's environment? If they are configured correctly (ie port and MIDI channel) they should work. Unless your Edirol is somehow filtering data.

Also, I assume you have assigned your track in Logic's arrange window to the FS1R and not the patchbay.

Sorry for asking the obvious, but it's sometimes good to check basics.
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I did get the Evolver to respond thru the UM880 manually. Dumb mistake. reversed midi cables. So that's a little progress. I think the UM880 is at fault. I'll double check everything on it. Yes devices are multi instruments, And i suspect something is wrong at the Edirol. I'll double check it.
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