Logic Pro 9 Logic won't update.


This is a new one for me.
I am using Logic 9.0.2
In march of this year I downloaded Logic 9.1.1
When I double click or try to open it I get an Alert saying "Your computer does not need this update." and will not open it.
So I thought I should download a fresh copy.
When trying to open this copy I got the same "Your computer does not need this update." message in the installer.
Does anybody have the same problem or know how I could install 9.1.1?


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THis is the sort of problem where it is always worthwhile browsing the forum FAQs. In this case, FAQ 13 should help you.

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Thanks Mark.
It worked fine.
However the latest version of Logic that one is using must be in the Applications folder and not in any sub folder in the apps. folder.
Also I originally put the downloaded uncompressed 9.1.1 in the apps folder.
I mistakenly assumed this was the program alluded to in the FAQ #13.
Can't be too explicit for us users in their 60's;-)
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