Logic Pro X LOGIC X 10.2.2 MIDI Clock Transmit Issues


I am running Logic 10.2.2 and have an Emagic amt8 MIDI Interface. I have many external midi synths, drum machines etc connected to the amt8. Because I have more than 2 MIDI Instruments I usually send Midi Sync to "ALL" Destinations under Preferences>MIDI>Sync>MIDI Sync Project Settings>MIDI Clock>Transmit to: Destination>ALL because you only have the option to Transmit to only 2 given Destinations at one time. When I do this (Destination 1 or 2=ALL) some of my synth, drum machines (Roland TB-3, DSI Tempest being 2 examples) DO NOT Sync to the tempo in Logic. The only way to get the instrument to sync to the clock is if I send a specific SYNC to the given synth and/or drum machine (instead of "ALL" Destination 1 or 2). Obviously I can not send a separate sync to each given MIDI instrument because of the 2 Destination limit (I have more than 2 instruments).
Also if I pick a specific MIDI instruments for Destination 1 and choose ALL for Destination 2, it still cause MIDI sync issues. Basically sending sync to Destination>ALL gives me sync problems.
Anyone know why that is? It's quite frustrating.


Ive never heard of midipipe. Im going to do a bit of research on it. Thank you for the reply.

Peter Ostry

Staff member
If re-routing is necessary this is probably easier with MIDI Patchbay.
You can allow/disallow controllers and notes, click the "Other" tab to switch MIDI clock on/off.