Logic Pro Logic X and Sibelius Ultimate Sync with Rewire issues

Mark Marshall

New Member
Hi Everyone, I'm trying to sync Logic X and Sibelius Ultimate via Rewire. I've watched a bunch of vides and read a lot of articles. I believe I'm doing everything I'm supposed to, but on playback Sibelius sounds drunk. At times the tempo drifts and then catches back up. It's really wobbly.

I have enabled Rewire in logic preferences and it's in Live mode. I created an Aux channel with Sibelius rewire inputs. In Sibelius I enabled Tempo Track in the performance tab. I've imported a midi file from logic. I'm using the GM midi sounds in Sibelius. Both programs are at 128 buffer. I'm a bit stumped at this point why it's not working. Frustrating. Can anyone share some wisdom? Thanks!