Logic Pro (X) Logic X - Node, or something similar?


Dear Logic Experts,

this question is directed at those 'power users' who need lots of RAM and processing power to use many sampler instruments at the same time.

What is the deal with Logic X and using multiple computers for many sampler instruments? Logic Node does not exist any more with Logic X. So how does one go about doing this? I am a big fan of East West instruments, ie. the Play engine as well as instruments using the Kontakt player. I don't have any Vienna Instruments so the Vienna's 'Ensemble Pro' does not make much sense for me at the moment.

Does Logic X's abandonment of 'Node' mean that one has to be reliant upon ONE computer for all sampler instruments? A colleague of mine used to also play his films on his laptop (i'm assuming he was connecting Logic 8 or 9) and use Logic and his sampler instruments on his Mac Pro. I

I find it a bit hard to believe that Logic has completely made it impossible for one to use slave computers to spread the processing power around. Is this really the case? Is there any way around this? am i missing something? I'm sure there are a few 'pro' users in Hollywood who don't want to give up using 2 or 3 mac pro's at the same time just because Logic X doesn't let them. Doesn't this seem rather strange that Apple would precisely alienate these users? Especially now right before the release of the new Mac Pro?

The idea of directly opening a orchestra template with enough muli-timbral tracks to have my standard instruments automatically open PLUS then the processing leeway to be able to open up quite a few more instruments without my computer having a heart attack seems very attractive.

I am right now using a Mac Pro. 2 x 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (2008 3,1) (22 GB RAM). Yes, my computer is a bit old..so i guess my question is a bit hypothetical. And yes...i can still put 10 more GB of RAM in which i will do sometime soon. Yes ¦i could go and buy a newer..probably used Mac Pro. But i figured..hey wouldn't it be nice not to have to sell my old one and just use it in tandem with a newer computer. In terms of bang for my buck (in my case bang for my euro ^^) I invested a lot of money in RAM and would be rather bummed out to see that money get reduced to a very cheap EBAY-sell-off.

I never bought Logic Pro 9 (so would be reluctant to now go and buy LP 9 and downgrade just for Logic Node) and just went to LPX directly and would be very appreciative of any pointers you might be able to offer.

Many thanks already in advance!! :)


Mac OS X 10.9
Logic X 10.0.4

ps. a couple of examples of what i am talking about: Kevin Kliesch for example does this here:

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not sure what DAW he is using. or Brian Tyler does this also and i think he does in fact use Logic.
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All current Macs will eventually be upgraded with the next generation Hasswell CPUs.

At that point your machine will be three generations behind current technology.

Currently you can configure a Mac Mini with a quad i7, that will have more CPU power than 8 core 2008 MP.

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