Logic X not recognising Garrison's JABB 3

I'm using a MAC 10.11.5 - I've recently bought Logic X and its not recognising JABB 3. I've got the latest version of Aria 1.872 and downloaded it again just to make sure. It doesn't ask to select AU, so presuming that's automatic. JABB 3 is being downloaded to my applications folder. Do I have to put it anywhere special (maybe > Library > Applications etc.) and/or rename it? Many thanks.
I have the older GPO 4.
The Aria plug-in is in the Mac HD>Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components folder.
The Stand Alone version seems to work fine.

Logic does not see the plug-in. Not sure if this is a Garritan or Logic issue.
Thanks. my HD>Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components folder is empty. When you say 'Aria Plug-in' what should be its file extension? I see no .component files connected to Aria where the Garritan files were installed (my main Mac applications folder).
Gee that got me excited for moment! The 32 bit Aria player check box did need unchecking - so its now in 64 bit mode. But it still doesn't appear in Logic X AU Instruments. Darn it! This bad boy is playing hard to get.

BTW should there be something in my HD>Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components folder?
Yes, but remember that you have two of those folders, one there and one in your username>Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components. If there isn't anything in either of those for Aria, then you need to reinstall it.
Yes, top tip - btw, my username library is via alt/click in the Go menu drop box if I remember correctly? if so, I have been there and Audio > Components folder is empty but I don't know what file to put in there. i can see no Garritan files with a .component extension.
No need to worry about the user>Audio>Components folder. Just know where it is.
Mine has been empty in recent years as the installers put things where they belong.

There was a time years ago, that certain applications would only see plug-ins when they were in the user Components folder, which meant copying them from the Mac hard drive Library. No such nonsense these days.
OK, finally got this sorted. The trick is to install the JABB 3 completely, including the old Aria engine, thereby triggering the installation of the instrument samples, and then installing the Aria player.

Don't, whatever you do, install the Aria player first then the JABB 3 instruments. Yeah, I know - duh!