Logic Pro X Logic X problems!: Waveform overviews, snap midi, functions disappeared


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Hallo Producers out there,

Waveform overviews stopped being displayed in the Arrange window so I have to refresh overviews after every recording. As I record all the time this is a bit annoying. Why is it like this? It was working fine until last week.


The "merge" function disappeared from my right click menu. Now I have to use the glue tool. Anybody know why?

The split by play head also disappeared from my right click window so know I have to set the loop and use split by locaters instead. Why is this?


The smart function that should snap midi and audio to the grids is still not working even with the alignments guide turn off. This was a terrible problem in logic 9. Still I have to zoom in on everything and sometimes when i split audio even if zoomed in at maximum it want be on the line when i cut so sometimes I bounce it again to get a loop with proper size before I start to copy it out.

I try to solve this problems by un installing logic and re installed a updated version. All the problems remained. This is effecting the work flow allot and I hope that there is ways to solve this. Maybe someone else have the same problems?

Really Thankful for all the answers.
Good luck out there!