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Logic X Logic X with Behringer X Touch

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Jim, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Jim

    Jim Logician

    I would greatly appreciate what your thoughts are for using the Behringer X Touch and or mackie control in MC mode with Logic X, and if their are issues and how it is working out? I am on Logic 9 with the X touch in MC mode with usb.. It is mostly working well but sometimes not all functions for MC mode are working as should. What OS is best for the X touch?

    Thanks, Jim
  3. facej

    facej Logician

    I have no answer for you. I use macOS 10.12, Logic Pro X 10.4.1 - it works fine. I wind up opening the manual a lot. Learn a lot of things that way. The Mackie Control chapter of the Control Surfaces manual is the place to look.
  4. Jim

    Jim Logician

    Thanks. Yes, I am using the manual a lot. Also interested in hearing from some people who may have moved from Logic 9 and the improvements if any that they may see as well as X Touch users.

    Thanks again, Jim

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