Logic & Yosemite


If anyone decide to mess with their current setup and plunge into Yosemite, Please tell me if Logic Pro 9 works (under 32 bit mode) with Quicktime synthesizer being used in External MIDI and if the DLSMusicDevice works properly in it.
Updated to OSX Yosemite. So far, so good. Logic Pro fine, connecting VE Pro on both my PC with Remote Desktop Connection for Mac and on my Mac, fine; RME driver, fine. UAD card, fine;

Only thing I hate is no more Bookmarks Bar in Safari, it works like Safari works on an iPad or iPhone.
What about using the QuickTime synthesizer through the External MIDI in Logic Pro 9 (under 32 bit mode)?
Only reason I still use logic 9 in 32 bit mode is for the QuickTime synthesizer. Can't use it in 64 bit mode.
I jumped to yosemite a couple days ago. So far no problems. Only hitch was I had to download new firmware and software for my apogee quartet. Easy.