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I have a project with lots of audio regions per track - I notice sometimes depending on the amount or type of plugs that I'm using - I can get clicks or pops at the start of the track - kind of like the plug ins are sensing the start a region and that they are turning on... so as a workaround - I can have one continuous region - then the clicks if any will occur at bar 1 - so I can edit out of the final mix.
(keep in mind that I do not bounce internally - i run through a summing box and then back into logic -
anyway - my question - involves the "Merge Track" command. If I select all regions on a track - and merge - >>. what exactly is happening" - just the regions are being merged ? = Will any automation (TBA) remain?, will the automation levels be incorporated into the merge ??
Obviously BIP gives me lots of options - volume pan settings, fx plug ins... etc - I don't want that - I just want to simply merge all the regions - leaving any automation there...

The regions are merged into a new audiofile, the automations stays.

The old regions and audiofiles are not deleted, ie still in the audio bin but are now unused in the arrange. This is undoable.

What i sometimes do though if I'm not sure is to copy all regions onto another or duplicate track, then merge. That way I still have the original regions on the other track for reference or until I'm convinced the merge is OK.

Merging regions will take into account any fade in/out crossfades which is nice, and also any gain, delay etc you have added per region in the inspector.

However I would find out what is causing the clicks a and pops, that shouldn't happen.

One more thing, make sure all the regions are all stereo or all mono, or strange things will happen.
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Pete - thanks for the reply - re the clicks and pops /
Ive seen this many times even when I was using DP - certain plug-ins will click or pop at the "initial start up" of the audio region or audio file to which thy are applied. - IK's ampeg was one that comes to mind - though I no longer use that one - most recently - I have discovered it with the new Slate VCC. I pasted a response I got from a developer regarding this Host reset issue - ////
I had something like this years ago, and if I remember correctly also on DP, and Sophia Poirier helped me out with some lines of code that go between GetProperty and Kernel::Reset. Apparently some hosts weren't calling Reset, and the plugin would start up without having been reset. She had me add this and the problem was fixed. Don't know if it would be of any help? It just calls Reset- it sounds like whatever it is, it has to do with hosts not calling the expected methods.

// Plugin::Initialize
ComponentResult Plugin::Initialize()
ComponentResult result = AUEffectBase::Initialize();
if (result == noErr)
Reset(kAudioUnitScope_Global, 0);
return result;
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Hey Orcasound,

It's been a while since I checked, but I seem to recall that when you use the merge function, the channel strip's initial volume and pan level is taken into account. Automation over time isn't rendered; but the initial value is - I think :)

As far as clicks with plug ins - yeah I have had it too on and off over the years with certain plug-ins. I seem to recall Vintage Warmer was a recurring culprit. Don't remember if Ampeg SVX caused trouble, it's been a while since I used it.
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I've had those clicks and pops too. Apparently they are up to the developers to fix, which IKM (Ampeg, Amplitube etc) have done now, but Toontracks' EZDrummer and a couple of my other plugs still do it.
It sounds like they are dumping their buffers.

I usually automate the beginning of each track to mute it out. Then, before I bounce, I just play the last couple of bars into silence and start bouncing after that. Another way is freezing the tracks that do it. Other folk have suggested closing and opening the song, which I find a bit of a hassle.

Eli, I seem to recall that the fader setting doesn't affect the level when merging. Will have to check when I get home :)
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