Logic Pro (X) Looking for a Dead Head who knows Logic X


Hey All,

I was hoping to find a deadhead that uses Logic x for there effects chain with there guitar. I am a complete amateur. I play a little guitar but I love the Grateful Dead and would love to be able to replicate some of Jerry or Bob's signature sounds. Is it even possible with Just the the software and a guitar input? I know any gearhead would say no. I don't need it to be perfect just as close as possible it would be fun to play around with. You don't even have to be a Deadhead i suppose. Just somebody that can listen to a song and tell me how to set up logic to replicate the sound. If your looking for a specific sound I would like to be able play Shakedown Street using just logic and a PA system. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.:hippy:
Actually Mainstage is made for live performance, and contains all of the the effects and instruments found in Logic.

I have seen a few artist that do use Logic live for instruments and effects chain.

Jazz Fusion great, John McLaughlin used Logic for his guitar effects chain in a performance I witnessed a few years ago.

So it is possible, he was sending a feed to the PA, and had a couple of floor monitors.

You will just have to do research, experiment and tweak to get a sound you are happy with.

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Setting up a looper to work in mainstage and a midi foot controller. You can really make some custom stuff if you have a controller with enough options. Not as good for dead music as it is for phish though. Trey uses a multi pedal looper for alot of his stuff. :hippy:
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