Looking For A Shortcut In Sibelius


If there is anyone here who used Sibelius I could use your help.If a shortcut exists I would love to know it. Many times I copy the piano part (right hand) with slash marks in the measures and chord names above the measure. I copy it and paste it to the guitar part. When I do this the slash marks and chord names (with the guitar fret board showing) go above the guitar staff in stead of in the measures. Is there a way of the piano part going into the guitar part exactly as is in the piano part? Now when I paste the piano part into the guitar part I have to highlight the guitar fret boards one at a time and delete it them. Then I have to highlight the slash marks again one at a time and bring them down into the guitar measure. Then I have to highlight the chord names, again one at a time and lower them so they sit right on the top of the measure. This is really tedious and time consuming. Is there a shorter way of doing this?
Thanks for any help.