Looking for collaborators

Ciao James,
I'm all about contributing, adding and ruining other peoples projects 😉
send me a track or two, I'd be happy to add ideas to it, see if its something you like.
We compose all sorts of stuff, if you'd like send me a track or two, one as a mix, and the other as a mix minus the tracks you'd like me to re-work. I'll come up with something and send them back to you, see if you like my style and approach.

Hi James,
It would be great to hook up with you and collaborate with some of your projects.
I looked at you site and listened to some of the music, you are very talented. Drop me a line if you would like me to work on some music. Also i am a pretty good mixing engineer and would be pleased to do any mixing you might like.

Best wishes,

I'm just setting my system up after having a (very) bad fall and knocking myself out for 18 months. I'd just received my new system (below). Getting my head around the new version of Logic. Big change - I helped Gerhard Lengeling work out Notator in the late 80's - well, he flew out and asked me what I thought and I told him, but V.9 is a big change.

I'm a guitarist/composer looking to collaborate with my own material such as you suggest as well. I have N.I. Guitar Rig, PodXTPro and a few other boxes but I have all the original gear as well.

I will be attempting to mic up a late 60's AC30 with a Mohave mic, a Germanium HBE treble booster, OCD pedal, Marshall JTM 45 pedal, Tube Screamer with the TS808 chip, all the right old gear but changing over from vintage JTM and JMP Marshalls to an AC30. Preamps are Avalon 737 and UA6176.

I run a Mac Pro 8 core 2.26 (biggest when I fell) with 12 gig Ram, Apogee Symphony 64 sysem with AD/DA16X's, Antelope OCX clock, Dangerous Music Summing mixer plus a TCM5000 and a whole lot of hardware outboard gear.

I use Toontrack Superior Drummer 2, Waves Platinum (about to purchase the Eddie Kramer, JPP, Maserati, Tubes, Transistors, etc) and Komplete 8, plus a whole lot of other gear. Guitars are '55 Strat and a '64 Strat, EC Strat, Schecter made to my specs I was sponsored with, Taylor, '46 Martin, 30's Gretsch and a whole bunch more.

This is a lot of new gear to come out of a coma to, so it's taking me a while. Workng as a guitarist on someone else's tracks might be a good way to warm up, but I am having trouble finding my way around the revamped Logic and Superious Drummer 2.

I usually work at 24/96, but it's just a flick of a switch to change that.

I think I'm best at lyrical theme and slide work - parts that stick in your head. If you Google Simon Binks, you can find references to my former band and examples of my playing but I'm much better now that I was back then.

But I do warn, I have just come out of 18 months lying on my back so whilst I have done some work, I haven't recorded an entire song from start to finish. I have played a complete guitar track on a friend's song.

I have a 'yousendit' account.