Logic Pro 9 Looking for resources about the Environment


Hi all,

I am looking for resources about working with the environment. I have a few complex and detailed things I'd like to accomplish and I am running into dead ends trying to find in-depth how to's, articles, or people I can contact with questions.

Who's the go-to person for the environment these days? Are there any recommended resources, books, articles, etc., about working in the environment?

Your help and input is welcome.



Go to Downloads > Logic Environments (especially Swiftkick Toolkit)

However, I am sure that most of these Logic song files are too old to be opened up in Logic 8/9 since they were created in Logic 4 or earlier. The song structure of Logic changed radically in Logic8, and Apple didn't provide any compatibility for ancient song files.

Logic 5/6/7 song files can be opened up in Logic 8/9.

But since Logic 5/6/7 can open up Logic 1/2/3/4 songs, the solution is to just resave to make them "Logic 8/9" ready.

If somebody still has Logic 5/6/7 installed, maybe they want to do a favour and "refresh" these song files, and then present them to Len Sasso at Swiftkick to upload.
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I recently rediscovered an environment manual of sorts published by Len Sasso which went a really long way to describing each of the building blocks of the environment. This came out when Logic 3 or 4 was out, but that part of Logic hasn't changed all that much. Aside from that. Sound On Sound Magazine has a lot of Environment articles. you can search through the archives if you are a subscriber.
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