Logic Pro 8 Looking for templates for drum tracking


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I'm stating to do some drum tracking, and I'm wondering if there is anywhere to get some decent templates to get me going. Something with some nice compressions and reverb and maybe other stuff already set up. I'd be interested to see what other folks are doing to help get me started. Thanks.
There's quite some channel strip settings coming with Logic I think...
Apart from that, I think that, especially with drums, it's not making all too much sense, so any preset would just be a starting point at best, as it all absolutely depends on what approach and/or mics you're using. For instance, if you work like "capture overheads/room properly and add everything else to taste" you may need entirely different settings than when working like "pull up kick, snare, hat, toms (etc.) and add overheads to taste". Both methods are absolutely valid but require quite a different mixing approach.
Also, reverbs are pretty much always added by using busses/auxes, and those aren't saved with a channel strip (ok, they are saved with a template song...).

However, IIRC, there's a bunch of channel strip presets and templates at logicprohelp.com to download. No idea about their quality, though.

- Sascha
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