Logic Pro 9 Loop Browser Index Problem

Andy F

New Member
Greetings! Newbie here.
Having trouble with Loop Browser not showing all available Apple & 3rd party loops. Did some reading: deleted the existing Index (HD>Library>Audio>Apple Loops Index) and went about reinstalling the various Apple Loops/Jam packs 1 by 1. I see a progress bar when I drop one in the pane, but then when I go to "Show All" in the Loop Browser they are still not there. Same thing goes for some Big Fish Loops that I tried to reinstall.
I'm going around in circles: Any ideas?
To reindex the Apple Loops user library
Control-click (or right-click) the Loop Browser's search results area, then choose Reindex Apple Loops User Library from the shortcut menu.
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Thanks, but have done that numerous times.
I can re-install 3rd party loops ok, but when I try to do so with the Apple Loops they don't show up.
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