Logic Studio apps Loopback (and other loopers) — new workflow in 2.2.1

Brian Stone

I was on the phone with a friend and he was describing how he used Loopback in MainStage. He's doing something I'd tried before but apparently did not work. Checked it in MainStage 2.2.1 and sure enough, its working now..

Here's the scenario:
I wanted to have 4 aux channel strips at the concert level running Loopback in each. Each of the 4 loopers get their inputs from bus 1, bus 2, bus 3 and bus 4, etc.

I wanted to switch patches and have each patch feed a different looper at the concert level. So far, so good. This part always worked perfectly.

However, as I switch patches, I wanted the GiO to control the looper I was feeding from the patch. This used to be impossible. If you map the transport controls at the concert level they are fixed for every patch. So one day, I thought I was being clever and I pasted alias's of the concert level Aux (with Loopback) to the patch I was working in. I thought, now that this is virtually in the patch, I'll be able to re-map my on screen transport buttons to control it. Well, back in 2.1, this didn't work at all.

I just checked and now, it seems to work fine. I'm using 2.2.1. I'm not sure which version this was changed in.

Here's the bottom line. Now each patch contains a new tone for my guitar AND all of the switches on the GiO now control the correct matching Loopback!

I'm about to make a keyboard looper rig that does the same thing.
Sorry, I should have posted something more specific:

• add channels at concert level
• choose copy from Edit menu
• switch to a patch, and chose Edit > paste as alias

Note the icon at the top of the channel strip looks kind of like a Finder alias arrow. Now you can make mappings to parameters in this alias channel strip..