Logic Pro 9 Loops sound different when I audition them

Hi, I've got a problem where some 3rd party loops I bought online from ProducerLoops.com sound different when I audition them in the browser to when I play them in the arrange window. The one that's wrong is the arrange window, though I've checked my audio settings and double checked the global tempo, it's a bit like hunting for a needle in a haystack to me! Does anyone have any idea what is the cause of this? I'm sure it's something I've done (or not done) rather than a bug. All suggestions welcome, as long as none of them involve chucking the thing out of the window ;-)

To reproduce the problem all I have to do is from New -> Create Empty Project -> Create Audio Track -> Drag the sample from the browser to the audio track. The pitch of the audio loop seems to have changed. System is Logic Pro 9 / Snow Leopard.
It's difficult to troubleshoot your issue when you haven't stated what the problem is.

What's wrong with the sound?

There are many reasons why an auditioned sound could sound different in the mix.

Which browser are you auditioning from?
Ok, the problem is that the pitch has changed, as if it's gone from an A# to a C, or thereabouts. Could it be an issue with sample rate, or is there some magic Logic is doing to pitch shift the sample? I've not got any effects on the channel strip or on the output, I get this problem from a fresh boot without changing any default project settings. I tell a lie, the loop is at 138bpm so I change my tempo to 138bpm to match, before I drag the sample in.

I'm auditioning the loop from the browser in Logic. Though even if I play the loop from the finder the sound is the same as when I audition it in the Logic browser, but then when I drag it in to the arrange window it looks like Logic changes the sound, even though the tempo matches the tempo of the loop.
A# to C is roughly the difference from 44.1KHz to 48KHz.

What sample rate is the project set to?

It could also be that there is a key change or transpose in the Logic song on the Global Track.
Ah, I thought we had it then but it seems the project sample rate actually matches the loop sample rate. Perhaps there is something I have forgotten to do, or something an expert could spot within moments instead of me bumbling along trying to describe the things which are important but missing something crucial and making this more difficult than needs be.

Here is a zip archive with one of the offending loops, and the project. You will notice that in the project bin there is a copy of the sample which does not sound like the original loop. All I have done is exactly as I have described here and dragged the loop into the project. Search me if I know what's wrong!
The AppleLoop in question is authored in the key of A (you can confirm this by opening it inside AppleLoops Utility). Therefore, at the [default] key of C, this will play 3 semitones higher.

However, if I change the key to A, it plays back at an octave higher than the root pitch. The solution is to leave the key alone, but change the global track's Transpose factor to -3 semitones. Then you'll notice that the key changes to A all right, but it's at the correct octave.
The other solution is to re-author the AppleLoop at the key of C. Simply open it up in AppleLoops Utility, change the key to C, and resave. You'll then have to remove it from the Logic project and re-import it if it doesn't re-pitch itself right away.
After dragging in the loop into your project simply set its transform playback parameter to the same key as you monitored it in by the loop browser!
Loops changing key


When I drag my sample in from the browser to the arrange window it changes key of the sample by a minor 3rd.

The sample and bit rate is the same as the project

I saw on here on a post that you should 'change the transform parameters playback' to the key of the sample.

Does this change the key of the whole song and therefore all the audio files?

Could anyone talk me through how to - 'change the transform parameters playback'

My tune is in F#minor

Also should you as standard when starting a project set the key. I never normally do as i normally play/sing it all in myself but now i am using samples more.

I obviously always set my tempo. Where is the set key setting?

Thanks so much help much appreciated!:)