Loss of Steve Jobs, Apple's future, and the future of Logic

Pete Thomas

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I think we might assume that nobody at Apple believes that radically changing the Steve's policy and philosophy is in its interests, seeing as how successful Steve was.

Having said that, there were plenty of people worried the way Logic was possibly going to go while Steve was still there, ie was it going to become more like a super Garageband rather than a pro app. Look at the storm surrounding Final Cut Pro X.

But that was all speculation anyway, and still will be.

So we just have to wait and see.
Worried about what? Doesn't Logic work correctly NOW? If so, if we take the current Mac (which should last 10 years) you should be fine for a while, and have the time to transition to a new DAW if required.

In other words, no worries. I guess this would be a good place for some quote from Yoda about how worrying about the past or future takes away from the now (or something like that).


I won't be concerned for at least a couple of years. That's when Apple's Tim Cook will really be "on his own" as far as deciding what the next big Apple innovation goes.
Will he have Job's same take on fine design, well-made hardware and a wish to make applications for the Creative world?
Who knows?
But I think the answer will reveal itself over the next few years.

Just remember what happened to Apple when Jobs wasn't there in the 80's/early 90's...
That, of course was then and this is now. Apple is bigger than some countries GNP and almost rivals the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.
That doesn't mean Cook and the Board of Directors at Apple can't F things up... But it probably won't happen for a long time.
Actually, things are completely different: Steve hand picked and trained these people in the "Apple" way he brought back into the company. When he was booted out from the board (more or less, he actually left) the people chosen to run apple were titans of industry who knew nothing about Steve's approach and what he would/could do given the chance. The tried what they though would work, and maybe had worked for other companies.

The other side of this story: luck. Steve was lucky as well, and had a gift for selling things and ideas to people in a special way that would cause others to invest in the dreams he was selling.

Now that Apple is what it is, it will be very hard for someone to attempt to radically change the way Apple does things post Steve: he was the Messiah for the tech revolution, and now that he has died, like a Jedi, he is more powerful in death than he was in life: no more mistakes to make, and peoples "he was the best" memories to cover any flaws.

Thats what I think anyways.

Orren Merton

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I agree with George. Apple has what's known in corporate analyst jargon as a "deep bench" with lots of A-listers, all of whom share Jobs's vision, and not only are capable of carrying it forward, but want to. And when they hire new people, those new people will have to jibe with their vision, which is informed by Jobs's vision, etc.

In other words: Jobs has influenced Apple's "DNA," and even as Apple grows, evolves, and takes the shape of a new generation of management and employees, that DNA will remain part of its corporate mission.



Oh hey, I want you guys to be right! I really do.
And call me a cynic as my greatest fear for Apple is that they become what EVERY major corporation is, which of course is a Board of Directors who set up meetings to have a meeting about the "big meeting," and really, nothing ever gets done.
Large companies do not for the most part, have any clear direction & vision because of the Hive-Mind-like hierarchy in which the Middle Managers are taxed with cutting corners every where that matters but must deliver more profit so that those Board of Director guys can get even more rich... -Hey! Aren't there protests going on about that!?!?
But I digress...

I do hope that Tim Cook (or whoever at Apple,) has a similar burning heart to keep making hardware, software, OS and devices that set Apple apart from everyone else. And if they cannot do it, then I hope something new & wonderful grows out of the ashes like a phoenix.

It's somewhat pointless to speculate right now what the future holds as Apple is fine right now & will be for at least a few years. After that, it's anybody's guess.
My fingers are crossed for whatever is best.