Logic Pro X Lost my EXS from the drop down menu


Not sure what I did - actually, I really don't remember doing anything at all - but when I opened my EXS instrument I always had in the drop down menu
all of the factory listings....
Acoustic Pianos
Drums and Percussion,
etc. etc.
Legacy Istruments
Garage Band
and my user presets folder...

I noticed today that I have only
the user preset folder and the garage band folder in the drop down menu.
I did a refresh within EXS, repaired disc utitilies, safe mode... no luck.

FInder indicates that all of the exe content is where its supposed to be.
/lib/application/support. etc etc. and if I
all of that checks out - but for some reason, EXS is not seeings them.

and ideas >

LPX 10.0.7 / Mac 2.4 8core / MOTU PCIe


Colin Shapiro

Do you have a folder called [Factory]?
Check in there.
Maybe you did an update recently?
Also try opening that menu in EXS24 and choose [Refresh]


Colin - thanks for the reply....

the only update recently was to 10.0.7....
All of the content for the factory is on the drive where it is supposed to be. I didn't move anything.
MAcHD/LibraryApplication Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments is where all that factory content resides.
as I mentioned never had a problem in the past. Last evening I downloaded a drum library that had some EXS presets - which I copied into my user section - and when I opened EXS and refreshed - thats when the factory stuff went bye bye.
If I hit refresh library within the EXS - nothing happens.

this is really strange.

Colin Shapiro

Sorry - I meant do you have a folder called [Factory] in the EXS24 menu?
That should always be there if you have added other libraries, as you recently did.


no - that folder in the EXS24 menu is gone. // someone else suggested that I reindex spotlight - but Ive never had to do that before.

strange stuff

Colin Shapiro

When this kind of weird stuff happens, I always boot from a second drive and run DiskWarrior. Also might help to repair permissions.

Check again after a full restart....could be a system glitch and not a Logic issue.


Colin - OK, I think I am closing in on the issue.

I've (not nec in this order)
1. -Disk Utility Repaire permissions
2. -Reindexed spotlight (twice)
3. Safe mode boot
4. Trashed Logic10 preferences
5. With EXS refresh library multiple times

So today I went to User/Music/Audio Apps/Sampler Instruments and trashed my "ORCA LIB" - which is my folder of user EXS instruments (Not the actual sample content - that is on another internal drive in my mac pro) - When I restarted and opened EXS - wahlah... all of the factory content was there again. -
Once the ORCA Lib folder was placed back into the above location... same problem returned.

So it appears that EXS is not looking (or overlooking) the factory content that is located in MACHD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments -

Any ideas


Colin - this has been SOLVED. whew... I started really zoning in on my user sample library - with special attention to the drum library I just purchased. The vendor's LOGIC PRESETS folder as downloaded - incl. an alias to "Sampler Instruments" - I assume they were attempting to simplify a drag/drop installation - ... Shame on me for not catching it - but I think creating an alias to such an important folder - is also a little dangerous for the developer - a simple README would have been fine. Think I might let them know about the situation. -

thanks again for your assistance