Logic Pro 9 Lost Samples



I am new to this forum, but definitely not new to Logic Audio.

I've been stumped by missing EXS samples files.

Some time ago I installed Log Pro 9 but didn't have space for the all the EXS samples. After clearing space on an external drive - I went back and selected the Orchestral samples that I was missing and installed them too, thereby completing my Garage Band library.
However, I cannot find where these new samples have been saved to.

My host mac HD is showing an additional 7-8 gig of stuff that has been added, but I've looked in all the usual places (Library/App Suport/Logic/EXS Samples) but they are not there. In fact I've seached the whole machine and I can't find them.
They're not on the Ext-drive either.... and I need to move them to the ext-drive as I only have 1.5 gig of space left on my host HD!

Any ideas?

Thanks for any advice!



Ha ha... no - - - and there they are, obviously.

I still don't understand the difference between the HD/Library and the 'name' drive/Library. Why repeat everything and thus confuse the hell out of me? There's also the System/Library?
I thought that was a Windows trick to over complicate everything...
Also, the repeated Applications folders - one with all the apps and one with nothing.. ?

Many thanks for the reply.
As with most things Logic, it's easy when you know how.


I think the duplication was done in anticipation of multiple users with different permissions levels using one machine. The main System Library is for everyone, and the others are for individual accounts on the same machine, but when you're the only user it does seem confusing. HTH