Low audio output from Axon 100

Peter Ostry

Staff member
I have an Axon RX 100 in a rack, need a DI-box afterwards and from the mono output I go via a Behringer ADA8000 into the Fireface 800. The audio output of the Axon is very low. With the ADA input almost fully up (should give around 50 dB) I get hardly -20 dB in the Fireface.

All guitar strings are at maximum sensitivity.
Velocity of recorded notes is between 60 and 100 with normal playing.
The wheel of the Roland GK-3 pickup is fully up.
The presets are set to volume 127 (maximum).
The DI-box takes about 4 dB away.
The ADA8000 is ok, same effect in other channels and other gear works well.
The other output of the Axon gives the same result
Direct cabling from the Axon to the Fireface, (bypassing a stagebox and a patch bay) has also this low level.

Currently I have a small preamp between the Axon and the ADA8000 but would like to get rid of this box. Does anybody know the problem or is this normal with the Axons?

I can hardly imagine that an Axon needs 60 or 70 dB gain for a healthy level ...