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Hi there,
I have recently purchased a Lexicon Alpha sound interface for my home setup. http://www.lexiconpro.com/product.php?id=7 I am running Logic 8 and just laying down vocals with a AKG D5 mic


I am getting extremely low input levels into Logic, if I yell loudly I get around -48db even tho the signal monitor on the alpha is clipping, my headphones are connected through the alpha and getting great signal, my intel macbook input monitor is hitting the end and recording in other programs like Audicity is getting perfect signal.

Even pulling the gains completely up in the channel doesn't make much difference.

Please help me, I am pulling my hair out.

Peter Ostry

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Looks like Sascha is on the right way. What you describe would occur when the internal microphone of the Mac is selected as input source.

Check this:
Logic Pro -> Preferences -> Audio
Under the tabs Devices/Core Audio should be your interface selected.


Or you have an input channelstrip with the volume fader down or with a plugin that reduces the audio level. You can check this in the Logic Environment.
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Thanks guys, definitely had it set up right in Logic, but a soft reset of the interface has successfully kicked it into gear. Crystal clear now.

Thanks again.
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