Logic Pro (X) Low latency mode

thanks Atlas - the link doesn't suggest how to check this box automatically. I'd like it as a load default, but I have to remember to check this box every time I commence.
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Hmmm! That's weird!
That must be another bug...
I was in the impression that setting a parameter in the Preferences was permanent (until changed) and applying to all projects to be opened/created thereafter...
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threeheavens: thanks, with 12 projects on the workbench how could I incorporate saving as template?

Atlas: are you saying that launching Logic first, setting the parameter, loading the project, then saving the project, means that the project will recall the parameter next time?

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Indeed, (un)checking the box then saving as a template, or setting that parameter before opening/loading a project (in other words Logic has no project loaded, no windows opened) makes it stick
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