Logic Pro 9 Low Memory Problem

Howard W

As mentioned before...

However, when I reduced the project to only 8 flex drum tracks, I was able to use the Drum Replacement feature. But then why would eliminating 24 audio tracks + 3 flex tracks make the difference? Would audio tracks use RAM?!?

Maybe it was mostly because of the operation itself on a 5 minute drum track... That would confirm that some operations would use a lot of RAM.
That was the premise of my original post... for some operations, Flex or the Drum Replacement feature must move the audio data into RAM, or at least a copy of the audio data. Flex is done in real time so it seems that Logic would be juggling considerable amounts of data when using multiple flex time tracks.



I only removed the tracks from the arrange, not the bin.

My best understanding at this point would be that some audio operations (flex, drum replacement...) require a lot of RAM and removing my 24 audio and 3 flex tracks made the difference for me to be able to use drum replacement. That's what Colin seems to be saying.

Also, maybe it's an overall thing. Logic itself takes more ram + flex + Drum replacement + plug-ins are getting bigger and we are hitting the 32 bit wall sooner.


Since Im new to 9 I just updated to 9.0.2 right off...
So far RMX/all Sages are working fine..have to setup a multi though, do it in 7 all the time, so as soon as I figure it out in 9 I'll start.
All Project Sam TS 1 and 2 and Symphobia work great.
Had to uninstall EW MOR..could not get that to work properly. EW told me to stream from memory instead of disk..Dont know if I have that option..
Have to install EW Symphony Orch and Im not looking forward to that, all day n I have to get work out, so Im going to have to pick a (long) day n pray it goes ok n I have better luck w/PLAY n I dont lose mamind in the process.

So far, I havent experienced any mem situations w/the plugs I have running on the quad.