Logic Pro 9 low volume of normalised bounced file.

Does Logic's off line bounce normalise at 0.1db?

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Not sure of this but I'm compressing and limiting the hell out of the main outs, bouncing it with normalise on, and it still sounds way softer than other (CD) tracks.
Is there an issue with Logic 9 and it (off line) bouncing soft levels?
I'm not talking 'loudness' here.
I'm going to run some diagnostics tomorrow and may discover a user error- or not.
I just wanted to test the water here with this post to see if anyone had experienced any bugs reaulting in lower level normalising compared with previous versions of logic.
Just did a quick analysis.
I took 2 songs I'd written in Logic 9 (current update) and bounced with the normalise checked.
I took another commercial song I'd ripped from CD to itunes and burnt all 3 to a CD.
I then ripped all three tracks into Wavelab on my PC.
To be expected the commercial track had a peak gain level of 0 db.
Strangley, one of my tracks had a peak level of -0.98 db, the other peaked at -0.101 db.
Perplexing. More diagnostics tomorrow..........

Orren Merton

Logic Samurai / Administrator
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It could also be a limiter/compressor on the output fader set to -1dB. I believe the floating point normalize attempts to "honor" any level adjustments made on the output (but I may be wrong).

Just did another test.
Master fader is at 0db
Compression then Limiter on master out. Limiter out set at 0db.
Play the track and .5 gain redution indicated intermittently on Limiter.
Bring bounced file back into logic.
The peak level is -1.0db.
Hmmm..... Am I missing something?
Repeated experiment once again this time disable all plugins on main out and bouced at low level with normalise checked. Resulting file -1.0 db.
If somebody (running 9.02)could please bounce a file with normalise on then see if the result is -1 or 0.0db that would be apprecited.
Open the Sample Edit Window
Go the Functions menu
Choose [Settings] - a new window will open
You'll see the top section deals with Normalize - you should set this at 100% if that's what you want.

That should solve it......

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Fresh empty project, all faders at zero, no plugins. Sinus and pink noise at -12 dB and +6 dB bounce normalized to -0.1 dB Peak.


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Remember that for stereo projects, the master out and main out are two different channel strips, even if the main out (most commonly output 1-2) is at zero, if the master is set lower, the level of the bounce will be correspondingly reduced.

kind regards

Please duplicate this test

Thanks Mark. Both Main and Master out are at 0.0db

If anyone has time could they please verify this. (Other than Peter Ostry- thanks for verifying.)

Have a Logic song up whose main out is peaking at less than 0.0db

Perform an offline bounce with normalise on.

Pull the bounced file back in to Logic and open in the sample editor.

Go to Functions > Change gain.

Click on 'Search Maximum'.

Look at the result > post it here.

Did you check my previous post?

Open the Sample Edit Window
Go the Functions menu
Choose [Settings] - a new window will open
You'll see the top section deals with Normalize - you should set this at 100% if that's what you want.​

I'm sure that's your problem.....

PS: I just did a check and both offline bounce and bounce in place DO result in a file that only reaches -0.1DB

I also checked my suggestion above and it DOES affect the Normalize volume - downwards. For example, if I set the Normalize level to 90%, the bounce will result in a 90% file. I can NOT get it to 100%.

If you use Normalize in the sample edit window however, it DOES go to 100%.

Very odd indeed. You should report this....
Thank for the verification.
I needed somebody else to test this before I reported it in case I was overlooking something and ended up looking the fool.