Logic Pro 9 LP8 to LP9 EXS my Sampler instruments not finding samples


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So basically in lp8 i just made a EXS sampler inst say Kicks chose the files on another internal drive called samples added files saved inst.refreshed exs and...
everything works fine in lp8 but in lp9 when i put that same file under user/lib/appsupport/logic/sampler inst's i see the
instrument i choose it and i get the spinning beach ball and have to restart logic?
I thought it would just ask me to locate files then i would go to the drive that has those files on it?
in LP8 i have created so many sampler inst's it would take me a month to redo them all?
i reindexed spotlight still same problem?
in exs i chose search all drives,but i do not see it try to search?

Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks in advance-J.Dolce
The link between the .EXS instruments and to the source files are broken.
Is there a way to recreate? or link the .EXS files to the source files manually?
The internal drive where all the source files are located has not been changed
i just moved everything to a new computer and updated to LP9?
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EXS MAnager by Redmatica would be very helpful in this case, but it does cost money... well worth it if you are making sounds or moving samples or EXS file on any kind of a regular basis.
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yeah i was looking into redmatica EXSmanager3.1
Started reading about it dl'd the PDF a couple of days ago
i just though i was doing something wrong?
Is there not a internal lp9 solution?
is it a problem with lp9?
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