Logic Pro X LPX Metering ...I´m not getting it

Hi everybody,

I´m new and here comes my first question.
I hope it is not too dumb.

I place a mastered dancetrack in LPX. Faders are set to 0.0
Now the trackmeter overloads (4,1)
I check the file ,
logic tells me "already normalized" (converted it from mp3)

Ok, now I place a limiter in the channel and set it to 0,0 dB ..everything is ok, the meter shows ...0,0 dB.
I mute the limiter. Everything goes back to 4,3

I stumbled over this many times - what am i missing ??


This may be interesting for everybody :

I used smart tempo on that track.
By turning it off, the metering worked normal again.
Turning it on again resulted in +4-5 dB.

so is it a bug what I found here ?


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