Logic Pro 9 M-Audio AXIOM 49 and 64 bit mode


Hi Guys,

I have an option to get an Axiom 49 1st Generation for very little money. I have read though that Logic 9 does not support it (or at least does not support the direct link function) when run in 64 bit mode.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

I have got the Axiom 1st generation since yesterday. I should have done more research before. I find it very cumbersome to program all the faders manually... Is there no way to load in a preset for Logic that will have the most common functionalities set up right away? I understand the direct link is not available for the 1st generation of the Axiom but is there really no work around.
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But you only have to assign these faders and knobs once! Takes probably about 5 minutes or less in Logic. Searching the internet for a solution seems slower...
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