m audio pre


I recently upgraded my mac from oxx 10,6.8to osx 10.11.6. Logic 9 files open up, but I get an error message saying "the previously selected audio interface is not available, and playback is through the computer now. How do I restore my interface to M Audio Pre? The M Audio firm says the product now belongs to Avid. I cannot get them on the phone.



Chances are you need to update the drivers for the unit. If it is now supported by Avid, you'll probably have to establish an on line account at their site to get access to the drivers.

Be aware though that the drivers might not have been updated as far as 10.11, and you might have to go back to an earlier version of OS X to keep it working. I stopped using any M-Audio stuff before they moved to Avid because of their poor record of providing software updates.